Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So we played a few shows this week even though we were short one man.  The video above is from Muse Music on Monday night.  It was just Krista and I.  She played trumpet, and we played White Room and Hannah.  After Hannah people asked for our music so we got to hand out a bunch of demos.  Very cool night.

Tuesday night, we brought in Austin to play a little synth.  He couldn't hear himself from the stage very well and learned the parts about an hour before we went on.   It was still really cool though.  He added a lot to the sound.  We played at Velour and did the same two songs...

The Velour show was really cool.  This kid named Mark was nice enough to film the songs for us last minute, and he did a great job!  Hopefully I can find out more about him and his music so I can link it up here.  He played just before us and writes really good stuff.  Also, a kid named Malcom let us borrow his piano stand and bench.  He sounded great as well, but I don't know anything else about him.  Hopefully we can find those guys and get some cookies to them or something!

Anyways, Happy Holidays!