Monday, July 12, 2010

I've been summer dreamin'

Well its been about 8 months since my last post, I figured it might be time to update the world on what's going on.

February saw the unofficial release of our band's album Maria and the Ivory Face.  That was neat.  Once all those songs were out, we got around to playing more and more.  Hopefully I can track down some of those videos to post online.  The band is on hiatus until the fall.  Some of our members have left for a time, but they will return, and The Lunatic will regenerate.

I am currently working on a new solo EP.  Hopefully I can get it done and online before the summer ends.

The most recent project that I had the chance to be a part of was a tribute album called Summer Dreams - a boardie boardie tribute.  It was released on, and might be the most interesting project we've done yet.  From

"The wait is over. Ladies and gents I present you the world's first boardie boardie tribute album. This album is a result of the combined efforts of several of our most talented boardies. As the years have passed we have all gotten to know each other and our original music pretty well. The goal of this project was for us to choose original music from some of our favorite boardie musicians and produce our own cover versions. Needless to say the result is unlike anything you will have heard before. Everyone worked very hard so please give it a listen! Expose yourself to some new music! Thanks is advance to all those that take the time to give this album a spin.

The album consists of two discs. Disc one is filled with the lovely cover versions of our boardie's original compositions. Disc two contains the original recordings from the composers themselves in case you get curious!"
The first song on the album is my cover of a sandbaby song called "Earth's Yellow Sun".  Likewise, he covered a The Lunatic song from Maria and the Ivory Face called "Catharsis".  Its a fun little album if you're looking to get into some music and artists you may not have heard of before.
You can download it here.
I have also developed a possibly dangerous obsession with Dr. Who over the last few months.
I have so many things to tell you about, but I'll just wait until next time.  I am alive and well and LOVING THE DOUBLE RAINBOWS.