Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station...

Last night Jonas and I had the chance to play a few songs at Velour.  The kid before us sang about walking around and holding hands with guys in Harden.  He played the uke.  It was AMAZING! Then, some Mormon missionaries walked in to watch the show.  The whole situation was kind of odd.  Then we got up to play "Close".  There wasn't much pre-song banter other than my breathing in the mic and asking Jonas to "take us there".

After the song, Jonas decided to make a joke for the Mormon missionaries by saying, "This song is about how there is no God".

They didn't laugh.

Then we played "Attention".  It's mostly about comics.  I know right?

We were bummed that the camera died before we could get the entire performance.  There was some sick guitar work and harmonies.  Here's the intro with some sweet slide guitar...

Notice how I throw the slide after the solo. I had to switch fast. We had a lot of fun, then came home and watched Return of the Jedi.

It was a great night.

Today marked the establishment of our new email account, Hopefully we can get an email list going to let me know about upcoming shows. Also there isn't much up yet, but The Lunatic can now be found at and

Everything is linked together somehow.  So now everything is under "thelunaticmusic", except for

Everything is going exactly as I have foreseen...