Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So we played a few shows this week even though we were short one man.  The video above is from Muse Music on Monday night.  It was just Krista and I.  She played trumpet, and we played White Room and Hannah.  After Hannah people asked for our music so we got to hand out a bunch of demos.  Very cool night.

Tuesday night, we brought in Austin to play a little synth.  He couldn't hear himself from the stage very well and learned the parts about an hour before we went on.   It was still really cool though.  He added a lot to the sound.  We played at Velour and did the same two songs...

The Velour show was really cool.  This kid named Mark was nice enough to film the songs for us last minute, and he did a great job!  Hopefully I can find out more about him and his music so I can link it up here.  He played just before us and writes really good stuff.  Also, a kid named Malcom let us borrow his piano stand and bench.  He sounded great as well, but I don't know anything else about him.  Hopefully we can find those guys and get some cookies to them or something!

Anyways, Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The White Demo..

Me, Jonas, and Krista worked very hard on these last night.  We made 30 copies.  The demo features "Attention!  My dear friends..." and "Elmo Castrado" along with a few other gems.  We're very excited about it.  The plan is to hand them out for free shows.  If you want to download it though just click here.

Its crazy crazy crazy!  I didn't win the Star Wars basket today.  I'm devastated.  Devastated!


The song "Comprehension" from the upcoming album Maria and the Ivory Face is up for grabs on itunes!  Check it out here.

Very exciting day!  We also jammed and practiced some songs last night.  Recording of the second Act is going very well... seemingly leaving us all with visions of Selina...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My life is complete.


I could use some Reeper in mah Laymonake...

Some really cool stuff happened in the last few days.

Jonas and I posted some new songs on  Saturday we spent the day in the studio recording "Attention! My Dear Friends..."  Its the first song with Jonas on vocals recorded in my studio and it sounds great.  One should also know that the track will be featured on the second album Somewhere In The Multiverse.  I hope you get a chance to stop by and listen to it.  We've gotten a really good response on the songs already.  We're really grateful and happy to be able to record and get this stuff out there so easily.  We made a little video that kind of gives an insight into how we record and collaborate It's kind of fun if you get a chance to check it out ...


Last night was a blast!  We played the open mic night as Muse Music.  That place is so cool, and the cafe there is really really good.  Jake and Chance (the guys running the place) were super nice to us.  We watched a few acts before us and it was pretty cold.  When our turn came up, our fingers were frozen, but we played our best.  We decided to played two of our favorite songs.  The first was "Summer After Senior Year".  Jonas did vocals...

After that we decided to play "A View Of The Sea". My fingers were freezing, but I got really into it. It sounds "fruity" to say, but I felt the magic, man. I opened the song by saying "This is another one about Back To The Future", to pay homage to the great Daniel Brummel...

It felt so great. In my opinion, that was my favorite performance the we've done as a band. After the show I went to buy another sandwich from the Cafe, and Jake and Chance were super nice to me. They asked if we wanted to come back and play an actual show! Of course I said I'd love to. So Dec. 3rd at 8 o' clock we'll play a little half hour set at Muse. We're super excited and so grateful to those guys for letting us come back. They even added us to the Muse myspace and website so we're really glad to be getting into the local music scene a bit.

After that, we went home to watch Fallon. Jonas had to drive back to my house around midnight cause he left his iphone in my car. He came in and had some tea for a bit and we talked about songs that we could do for the Dec. 3rd show.

It was a blast. A real blast.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station...

Last night Jonas and I had the chance to play a few songs at Velour.  The kid before us sang about walking around and holding hands with guys in Harden.  He played the uke.  It was AMAZING! Then, some Mormon missionaries walked in to watch the show.  The whole situation was kind of odd.  Then we got up to play "Close".  There wasn't much pre-song banter other than my breathing in the mic and asking Jonas to "take us there".

After the song, Jonas decided to make a joke for the Mormon missionaries by saying, "This song is about how there is no God".

They didn't laugh.

Then we played "Attention".  It's mostly about comics.  I know right?

We were bummed that the camera died before we could get the entire performance.  There was some sick guitar work and harmonies.  Here's the intro with some sweet slide guitar...

Notice how I throw the slide after the solo. I had to switch fast. We had a lot of fun, then came home and watched Return of the Jedi.

It was a great night.

Today marked the establishment of our new email account, Hopefully we can get an email list going to let me know about upcoming shows. Also there isn't much up yet, but The Lunatic can now be found at and

Everything is linked together somehow.  So now everything is under "thelunaticmusic", except for

Everything is going exactly as I have foreseen...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh we are so in control...

So a lot has happened in the last week!

You ready?

There you'll be able to find all kinds of information about the music and other projects we're working on.


"The Lunatic"

It came to us on the night of November 6, 2009 around 7:45 PM over a plate of juicy burgers. We were thinking about the moon and the stars. The topic of prison and mental institution construction came up. Supposedly most buildings are built at an angle so that the moon can't shine through the windows. Statistically, the rate of behavior related incidences is much higher when the moon is out. One thing led to another and we came to discuss the idea of a "tortured genius". The great minds throughout history that in their time were regarded as lunatics. Then we had the band name. We all felt it to be right. Yeah.

Anyways, check the website and stay up to date. Maria has gone back to the mixing stage, but we're working hard on it. We're also recording more music as well. The short film is still on the table, but after a few more Star Wars nights it is coming together.

Jonas and I are playing live tonight. We'll post a live video of the performance.

There is no try.