Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maria and the Ivory Face...

That is the name of the first album.  Over a year of work, support, suggestions, and contributions of a few others have gone into it.  I'm finally very happy with the final result.  The last few weeks have been spent mixing and adding the final touches to it.  Saturday Nov. 7, will be spent mastering it.

My good friend and band mate Joe Barney is busy creating the artwork for the album with beautiful oil paint.  He is a talented individual and the finished result is sure to inspire.

Meanwhile in the Batcave...

A young Bruce Wayne(Jonas) is piecing together footage and ideas creating what is to be a short film to link the gap from the first album to second.  He is also recording demos and hammering away at what is to be our second album.  Recording will soon begin on the new record with the young Master Bruce as the primary creative force.

We still don't know what to call ourselves.

So much is happening.  So many stories are being told.  We hope others will be around to listen.

But for now, the track list of Maria and the Ivory Face:

1. Close
2. Comprehension
3. These Machines Won't Help Me Walk Again
4. Webs
5. White Room
6. Elmo Castrado
7. Lost At Sea
8. Hannah
9. End And Start
10. Be

...for now.

Soon my friends.